May 2022: Interview with Audrey Zeitoun, Coach

Audrey, you just joined the Medicare.

Can you introduce yourself?
I have lived and worked in London for 15 years. A few years after my divorce, I decided to train myself in life coaching and also in relationship coaching, divorce and family communication. Since then, I have been working full-time mainly with expatriates.

What are the most common problems you encounter for couples?
I help to improve their relationship as a couple, on communication for example, managing life changes or couple crises such as infidelity, different expectations and desires or on the decision to leave or stay for example.

What about single people?
We will address issues such as for example, I meet no good person, my relationships do not last, I do everything for the other but he/she left me. I will also give tools to help them in their dating for example.

What about divorce? How do you help people?
For divorce I will help at all stages: the decision-making or the announcement of the decision if one undergoes it, during the procedure to accompany people emotionally, to assist them in their decision-making and finally on the communication with their ex, their lawyer and their children. Finally I help them in the phase of reconstruction, of taking confidence and why not meet someone!

You also have a specialty in family communication, what is this aspect of your activity?
Yes indeed, I help improve communication between family members, avoid disputes and conflicts. For example the blended family or the difficult relationships with relatives or teenage children.

To finish off, can you explain your approach and personality?
I create with the people who come to see me a climate of trust and I work in benevolence. Judgment has no place. I am very open and affordable. Also, I surround myself and refer other professionals from the world of well-being, medical and divorce professionals to best assist people.