Mrs ZEITOUN Audrey

Psychological Coach

Certified coach, expat for the last 17 years, Audrey Zeitoun is passionate about change and transformation to improve the lives of others.

She is passionate about helping people who feel stuck or who are going through a traumatic situation, personal or professional  or change in their life.

Her diplomas in Transformational Life Coaching, Relationship coaching and in positive psychology are all accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), the internationally most recognised reference.

Audrey is familiar with expatriation issues and she understands the challenges and complexity of multicultural environments. She is an emphatic and open-minded person, who knows how to listen and how to build a trusting relationship, without any judgment while observing confidentiality.

She can assist individuals, couples and families

Why working with a coach expert in expats challenges and relationships? 

Often, family members don’t have the same experience.

For some, it’s wonderful, and for others, it’s frustrating and even scary.

Suppressed anger, lack of desire, or conversely, the desire to create something new can occur.

What about you?

Admitting that you don’t feel like you belong, that it’s not what you imagined, is the beginning!

Additionally, your situation may have changed during your expatriation, so what do you do now?

Maybe you can’t work anymore or you went through a separation or you became a parent or your children have left home.

Check Audrey Zeitoun special program: 

  • Know your values and talents
  • Define what you really want to achieve
  • End your frustration at home with your spouse or family. 
  • Develop your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve your communication techniques 
  • Learn how to create social connections
  • Find work/create your business
  • Find your passion and a cause/activity you love 
  • Implement changes to lead a good and exciting life!

English – French

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