Mrs CHALENCON Cyrielle


Cyrielle Chalencon BSc (Hons), initially from Ardèche in France, is an orthoptist graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2017.

She also has completed a PG certificate in paediatric ophthalmology at the University of Sheffield in 2022. Cyrielle started her career working for the Gloucestershire NHS trust before moving to London to first practise at the Western Eye and St Mary’s Hospital, before being employed by Moorfields Eye Hospital where she is still working.

Cyrielle has extensive work experience with both children and adults, treating amblyopia (lazy eye), double vision and assisting ophthalmologists in treating strabismus. She takes part in clinics dedicated to children with special educational needs (SEN) and is accustomed to adapt her practice to them in order to make the examination less daunting. She also has a special interest in nystagmus.

Cyrielle also had the opportunity to witness clinics in France and is familiar with the exercises commonly offered there.

Cyrielle is adaptable and take it to heart to deliver the best care to her patient while basing her examinations on research.

English – French

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