Reproductive Medicine – IVF

Our fertility specialists cover all aspects of fertility treatment, reproductive health and assisted reproduction for those having trouble conceiving. They are here to support you and give you all the information you need to make decisions about your treatment and explain your chance of success.


It is a way to check your fertility level for a woman or a man

For the woman: it consists of a scan in order to check your intra-follicule count, the pre-ovulatory follicules present in your ovaries + a blood test to analyse a specific hormone which is called the anti-Mullerian hormone to check your ovarian reserve.

For the man: it consists of a semen analysis

It is a 15 minutes consultation then a follow-up consultation in order to discuss your results.

You should think about doing this test whenever you feel it is right for you to start the egg freezing process or are interested to know your fertility levels.

It is encouraged to do a fertility screening in between the age of 25-35 to maximise your chance of having a higher success rate when you decide to use your eggs.

Over 35 years old are still welcome to do this fertility screening and afterwards potentially the egg freezing procedure

This modality is a great back-up plan if you are single, still looking for the right partner to start a family with or even want to focus on your career and are not ready to conceive just yet. It enables you to see where you stand and secure your chance of conceiving through the egg freezing procedure.

No, the procedure consists of a simple blood test followed by a painless intravaginal scan to check your ovaries. For the man, it consists of a semen analysis which is also painfree

It is an option and not a necessity but thanks to the new technique of vitrification, the success rate is higher than ever before as it prevents the loss of eggs during the process due to the use of the sowing procedure

All the tests are done at the Medicare Francais and our medical center is in partnership with a fertility clinic in London where the egg freezing procedure is done

The procedure takes 10 days: we start with a scan followed by stimulations by injections at home then our doctor will give you the trigger injection followed by an egg collection. Our doctor will then tell you how many eggs he has collected and will then store and freeze the eggs at the fertility clinic


Initial consultation (1 hour): £240

Fertility test: £490