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Prices valid from the 1st of May 2022

Initial consultation for diagnosis and treatment proposal*:

*Fee deducted from the treatment price if accepted   

Clear brace treatment:

Clear aligners with Invisalign + Smilelign: 

Dental impressions:




 from £4400

from £3900


Initial consultation (x-ray not included): £110

Consultation w/ Dr Msika: ask for a quote


Orthodontic treatment per semester:

  • Ceramic brackets: £1100                                                       
  • Métallique brackets: £990                                                                   

Fixed wire and retainer set: £990


Transparent mouthpiece w/Invisalign: from £3000

Transparent braces w/Smilelign: from £3200 to £4000

Transparent braces: from £3800

Consultation: £115

Dental impression: £90

Price of orthodontic treatment/semester

Braces with metal brackets: £890

Braces with aesthetic brackets: £990

Fixed and removable retainer: £810

Fixed and removable retainer: £810

Initial consultation (x-ray not included): £100

Orthodontics per semester (ceramic brackets): £990

Orthodontics per semester (metal brackets): £890

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