General Dentistry

We offer 0% finance:

Our dentists are available for a wide range of treatments covering all aspects of dental care from general and restorative dentistry to orthodontic and cosmetic procedures including check-ups, hygiene cleaning, implants, teeth whitening and veneers.
We welcome patients of all ages in our new premises with a light-filled, calm and comfortable environment for your treatment.

– Check-up
– Hygiene-cleaning
– Root canal treatment
– Toothache or increased sensitivity
– Loose or missing teeth
– Lost filling
– Damaged dental crown
– Wisdom tooth problems
– Stained or Discoloured teeth


Your health and safety is our priority, this is why, when you book a consultation (check-up), an additional £15 will be added to your final bill. Moreover, when you book a treatment (Dental care, Whitening, Prothesis, etc…), an additional £25 will be added to your final bill.

Theses charges cover the cost of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the dentist and the patient.

Consultation: £80 + £15 PPE fee

Check up & scale and polish: £105 + £15 PPE fee

Digital Xray per shot: £15

Composite filling (white)*:*depending on localisation + size of composite from £145 to £210

Extraction (excludes x-ray): from £210

Extraction of third molar (wisdom tooth)*:*depending on tooth impact (excludes x-ray) from £400

Mouthguard/Occlusal splint: from £400

Fixing crown or bridge + Consultation: £60 + £80 consultation

At the clinic

Professional whitening (1h30 session and whitening product): £470

At home

Treatment including the whitening mouthpiece and whitening product: £440

Check-up: £65 + £15 PPE fee

Check-up & scaling: £95 + £15 PPE fee

Check-up & permanent tooth extraction: £135

Fissure sealant (per tooth): £50

Temporary crown: £120

Inlay core: £270

Ceramic crown: £700

Ceramic inlay/facets: £620

Veneers: £620

Implant: £1750

Crown on implant: £1110

Incisor + canine: £250

Premolar: £350

Molar: £450

OPG (Panoramic upper + lower jaws): £55

Cephalogram (Profile): £55

CBCT (3D scan 1 quadrant): £115

CBCT (3D scan whole jaw): £125