We are all brought to encounter difficulties linked to changes, expected or not, (a move, the arrival of a child, having to reinvent ourselves professionally, finding a good family / work balance), and we have to face the emotional burden that this represents.
However, we do not always have the resources to go through these times.

Coaching allows you to understand a situation and restore a balance that was momentarily absent.

Your coach aims to provide you with tools and perspectives that will allow you to maintain a constructive vision of the future. In a structured and pragmatic way, they will help you to seize daily opportunities in order to apprehend the events of life.


Consultation: £140/h

Individual consultation: £130

Consultation for couples and families: £150

Packages of 4 to 6 sessions are available upon request

First Consultation to understand your goals: Free (30mns)

Following sessions: £180

PNL sessions: £100

We recommend 6 to 10 sessions depending on your needs