Brazilian Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian Lift is a non-Surgical treatment which firms and refine the silhouette with durable and visible results within the first session. It can be used for belly, thighs, hips (horse panties), buttocks, back, arms.

The Brazilian Lift is a process of refinement of the silhouette and removal of the non-invasive fat. Coming straight from Miami in the United States, it acts on the different types of cellulite:
– Fibrous cellulite installed for a long time and often painful
– Fat cellulite associated with fat accumulation
– Aqueous cellulite caused by poor blood circulation, venous and lymphatic
– Mixed cellulite which corresponds to a concentrate of aqueous and fat cells

During each session, Brazilian Lift uses several technologies that have been proven for a long time and that each act on the different types of cellulite: laser, infra-red, ultrasound, radio frequency, vacuum. The effectiveness of the treatment is based on the simultaneous combination of these techniques.

  • The laser acts on fibrous cellulite. It emits infra-reds and allows fatty acids contained in rebel areas to be eliminated naturally by joining the bloodstream. It destroys the fibers that weld the fat globules which softens the tissues without the risk of irregularity of liposuction. Infra-reds have a deep remodelling activity by heating the subcutaneous tissues. They increase the tone of the skin and thus fight against skin slackness.
  • Ultrasound acts on fat cellulite on the surface of the skin. These are acoustic waves that reduce fat cells into small particles. Used for decades in medicine, including for diagnostic purposes in medical imaging, they do not have a negative impact on health itself.
  • Radio frequency uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves that heat subcutaneous tissue without burning it. This heat causes a retraction (tensing effect) and production of collagen and elastin that improves the firmness of the skin. The skin tissue is firmed, plumped and partly regains its elasticity. It is at the origin of lipolysis that empties fat cells of their contents. Radiofrequency acts on the three types of cellulite
  • Vacuum exerts suction (hence the name vacuum, in French vacuum cleaner). It stimulates the blood flow of the skin to give it a natural and firm appearance. It aims to drain adipose tissue and thus mobilize fat to the lymphatic system. This technique provides a firming effect very quickly

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