We provide a range of options to help you look as good as you feel. Our experts will work in partnership with you to understand your needs and create a personalised treatment programme that delivers the best possible results. At the initial consultation, you will discuss all aspects of the procedure you are considering, including benefits, possible risks, and costs. We aim to bring the French touch to modern medical aesthetics.

As seen on Vogue France, Francine Joyce is a reputable nutritionist who also works with the famous Brazilian Lift (BBL) machine. We are the only clinic in London that provides this treatment. For more information about the Brazilian Lift, click here.

Laser Hair Removal

At the Medicare Francais, we provide you the best hair laser treatment with Cutera, one of the leading brands in the aesthetics field in a clean yet relaxing environment. We require you to do a patch test before starting a...

Face & Body

At the Medicare Francais, we provide a large range of face and body aesthetic treatments: Sabrina Gabouze: Bespoke facial (anti-ageing, acne, sensitive skin,...) Vampire facial Hollywood Peeling Tightening of Skin through Laser treatment Mesotherapy

Brazilian Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian Lift is a non-Surgical treatment which firms and refine the silhouette with durable and visible results within the first session. It can be used for belly, thighs, hips (horse panties), buttocks, back, arms. The Brazilian Lift is a process...